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Wiki是什麽東西? What's Wiki?


大家好, 這是我們北加州慈濟人的維基(Wiki)小天地! 我們可以在這裡盡情分享意見,心得,不用擔心會擠爆師兄姊的email box. Wiki 是一個很好的社群分享工具, 更是 web2.0 的代表產物. 強大的功能不止於文字及檔案輸入, 更可以尋找(search), 分類(tag), 訂閱 (RSS) ...希望大家盡量利用! 只要點擊 "Edit This Page" - 您就可以在頁面上輸入文字, 還可以使用 toolbar 來加照片, 圖片, URL... 準備好了嗎? 讓我們開始!(如有使用問題請連絡: 段岱佳

Wiki is a great social collaboration tool, it allows a group of users to contribute to a website's content with a wysiwyg user interface. Click "Edit This Page", then you can start contribute to the content of this Wiki in no time! You can enter not only text, but also pictures, files, URL, sign up for RSS, and start a discussion. Let start now! (If you have any question about how to use this wiki, please contact Tina Tuan,



- 此Wiki 不代表慈濟或慈濟北加州分會官方立場. The content shared on this Wiki does not represent the opinion of Tzu Chi Foundation nor its affiliates.

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