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Chinese English
1 (支會/聯絡處/聯絡點)負責人 director (dir.) of Tzu Chi's branch office, service center, office
2 一人一善(1013) every person does one good deed; one person, one good deed
3 一步八腳印; 一步八法印 One Step, Eight Footprints (with each step we take, we leave eight footprints); leave 8 footprints with each step
4 一眼觀時千眼觀,一手動時千手動 one thousand eyes to see the suffering in the world and one thousand hands to reach out and help; as one hand moves, millions of hands move, as one eye sees, millions of eyes see
5 三十七道品; 三十七分法; 三十七菩提分法; 三十七品; 三十七助道品: 四念處, 四正勤, 四如意足, 五根, 五力, 七菩提分, 八正道 The 37 Practices to Enlightenment: The Fourfold Mindfulness, the Four Right Efforts, the Four Bases of Spiritual Power, the Five Spiritual Faculties(or Five Roots), the Five Powers, the Seven Branches of Enlightenment,  and the Eightfold Noble Path.
6 三合一組 Multimedia Team
7 上達諸佛聽 be heard by the Buddhas; can be heard by all Buddhas
8 不捨眾生 cannot bear to let sentient beings suffer; won't forsake sentient beings
9 不掉淚的蠟燭 tearless candles; Candles without Tears
10 不殺生
11 九二一希望工程 921 Project Hope
12 五管齊下: 物資發放、義診、安心、安身、安生 to carry out the 5-part (action) plan:  relief goods distributions, free clinics, temporary shelters, permanent housing, job programs
13 人傷我痛, 人苦我悲 When others hurt, I ache.  When others suffer, I grieve.
14 人文教室 Humanities Classroom
15 人格若成, 佛格就成; 人格成佛格才成; 人格成, 佛格才會成 when we have perfected our character, we have attained Buddha-character
16 人的心只是在一念而已 our mindset is determined by a single thought;
a single thought determines our mindset
17 人醫 patient-centered doctors; compassionate doctors 
18 人間佛教 Buddhism in Action
19 人間菩薩招生; 人間菩薩大招生 to recruit living bodhisattvas
20 以戒為制度,以愛為管理 organize with precepts and manage with love
21 佛教克難慈濟功德會; 佛教慈濟功德會; 慈濟功德會 Buddhist Tzu Chi Merit Association (former name of Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation)
22 佛陀問病圖 "The Buddha Treats the Ill" wall mural
23 佛陀灑淨地球圖; 佛陀灑凈圖 "The Buddha Heals the World' wall mural; "The Buddha Purifying the Globe" wall mural
24 供應熱食; 熱食供應 Soup Kitchen; Hot Meal Service; to provide boxed meals
25 信願行 faith, vow and practice; faith, vows and actions
26 修行小木屋 small cabin/cottage (where Master Cheng Yen practiced)
27 做中學, 學中做 learn as we do, do as we learn; learn through doing, do through learning
28 做中學, 學中覺 learn through doing, awaken through learning
29 健康講座 Health Seminar
30 傳承靜思法脈, 弘揚慈濟宗門 Transmitting the Jing Si Dharma Lineage, Advancing the Tzu Chi School of Buddhism
31 兒童學佛夏令營 Children's Buddhist Summer Camp
32 內修誠正信實, 外行慈悲喜捨 cultivate sincerity, integrity, faith, honesty, and practice kindness, compassion, joy, giving
33 全國醫療網 national medical network
34 全球慈濟日 Global Tzu Chi Day
35 八正道服 Eight Noble Path Uniform
36 共植福田 to cultivate the field of blessings together
37 冬令發放; 冬令救濟 winter relief distribution; winter aid distributions
38 凡事感恩 to be grateful in all things
39 分支聯點: 分會, 支會, 聯絡處, 聯絡點
Tzu Chi organizational hierarchy: 
分會 Region/Regional Office;
支會 Branch/Branch Office;
聯絡處 Service Center/Office ( 聯絡處 without a physical office should be translated as Office);
聯絡點  Office
40 分會 Regional Office; Region

美國總會 Western Regional Office
北加州分會 Northwest Regional Office
夏威夷分會 Pacific Islands Regional Office
德州分會 Southern Regional Office
新澤西分會 Mid-Atlantic Regional Office
紐約分會 Northeast Regional Office
芝加哥分會 Midwest Regional Office
華府分會 The Greater Washington D.C. Regional Office
達拉斯分會 Central Regional Office
41 前腳走, 後腳放; 走前腳, 放後腳 let go of the last step as you take the next one
42 功德會收款簿  [Tzu Chi] donation logbook
43 功能幹事  functional team leader
44 勤耕福田 diligently cultivate/till the field of blessings
45 受證 to be certified (to become a Tzu Chi Commisssioner or Faith Corp member)
46 台北新店慈濟醫院 Taipei Tzu Chi Xindian Hospital
47 台灣佛教慈濟基金會美國總會 Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, USA; Tzu Chi USA
48 向上承擔, 向下傳承 accept responsibility from those before us and pass it on
49 四合一: 合心, 和氣, 互愛, 協力; 合心組, 和氣組, 互愛組, 協力組 Literal (full translation) - Four-in-One:  Unity, Harmony, Mutual Love, Concerted Effort

Practical (shorter, everyday use translation) - Four-in-One:  Unity Team, Harmony Team, Care Team, Effort Team
50 四合一月會 Monthly Volunteer Team Meeting
51 國際會議廳 International Conference Room (in Jing Si Hall)
52 垃圾變黃金, 黃金變愛心, 愛心化清流, 清流繞全球 turn garbage into gold, gold into love, and love into a stream of purity that encircles the globe
53 培訓 培訓:Advanced certification training
培訓學員:Advanced trainee
慈誠委員志工培訓:Certification training
54 外語隊 Foreign Language Team
55 多用心; 時時多用心 please always be mindful
56 大愛一條街 Great Love on the Street (the name of a Da Ai Drama series)
57 大愛之友 Friends of Da Ai TV (donors who support Da Ai TV)
58 大愛台; 大愛電視台; 大愛電視臺 Da Ai TV; Da Ai TV Station
59 大愛感恩科技公司 DA AI Technology Co., Ltd.
60 大愛,讓世界亮起來 Great Love lights up the world
61 大慈, 大悲, 大喜, 大捨 great loving-kindness, great compassion, great joy, great equanimity
62 大慈悲為室,柔和忍辱衣。勤修戒定慧;熄滅貪瞋癡。 Dwell in the abode of great mercy and compassion; wear the robe of gentleness and tolerance. Diligently practice the precepts, meditation and wisdom; cease greed, anger and delusion.
63 大慈無悔, 大悲無怨, 大喜無憂, 大捨無求 great loving-kindness without regrets, great compassion without resentment, great joy without worries, great equanimity without expectations 
64 大捨堂 The Hall of Great Giving
65 大時代需明大是非; 大劫難須養大慈悲; 大無明需要大智慧; 大動亂需要大懺悔 In this great era of ours, we must know right from wrong. In times of great disaster, we must nurture great compassion. In times of great ignorance, we must give rise to great wisdom. In times of great turmoil, we must practice great repentance.
66 大體模擬手術 simulated surgery on cadavers (part of training for Tzu Chi's medical students)
67 大體老師; 無語良師 Silent Mentor (a respected reference to a whole-body donor in Tzu Chi)
68 天三無: 普天之下沒有我不愛的人, 普天之下沒有我不信任的人,普天之下沒有我不原諒的人 The Universal Three No’s: In this world, there is no one I do not love, no one I do not trust, and no one I do not forgive
69 好話一條街 Good Words on the Street (asking stores and taxi drivers, etc., to post Jing Si Aphorisms)
70 宇宙大覺者 The Great Enlightened One of the Universe
71 守護生命、守護健康、守護愛 to safeguard and protect life, health, and love (the goal of Tzu Chi's medical mission)
72 守護生命的磐石; 搶救生命的磐石 the cornerstone of safeguarding and protecting lives (referring to Tzu Chi hospitals)
73 宗就是人生的宗旨, 教就是生活的教育 religion leads us to life's purpose and educates us through our living
74 宗教處; 宗教室 Tzu Chi's Department of Religious Affairs
75 富中之貧, 富中之富, 貧中之貧, 貧中之富 the poor among the rich, the rich among the rich, the poor among the poor, the rich among the poor
76 將是非當教育, 不要將人事當是非; 把是非當教育, 不要把人事當是非 treat interpersonal conflicts as a lesson and not as disputes
77 師兄師姐; 師兄師姊 Dharma brothers and Dharma sisters
78 師公飯 Master's Rice dish
79 常住志工 long-term volunteer living at the Abode
80 心, 佛, 眾生, 三無差別 there is no distinction between the (nature of) mind, Buddha and sentient beings
81 心寬念純; 寬心念純; 心要寬, 念要純
to have a big heart and pure thoughts
82 心靈故鄉; 心靈的故鄉 spiritual home
83 志工早會 Volunteers' Morning Assembly (held at the Jing Si Abode every morning at 7 AM)
84 志工老兵 veteran volunteer(s)
85 志工聯誼 volunteer gathering
86 悲智雙運; 悲智雙行 to exercise both compassion and wisdom
87 惜福 cherish blessings
88 感恩戶 care recipients
89 感恩茶會 an appreciation event; appreciation tea party
90 慈善國際化, 醫療普遍化, 教育完全化, 文化深度化 make our charity work global and our medical work accessible, extend our educational work to all ages and give our cultural work depth
91 慈大附中; 慈濟大學附屬高級中學 Tzu Chi Sr. High School Affiliated with Tzu Chi University
92 慈少 Tzu Chi youth volunteers
93 慈幼 Tzu Chi elementary school volunteers
94 慈濟人文 Tzu Chi culture
95 慈濟人文學校 Tzu Chi Academy
96 慈濟人醫會 Tzu Chi International Medical Association (TIMA)
97 慈濟列車 Tzu Chi train
98 慈濟功德會會長-釋證嚴 President of the Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation, Shih Cheng Yen
99 慈濟十戒 1. 不殺生 2. 不偷盜 3. 不邪淫 4. 不妄語 5. 不飲酒 6. 不抽煙、不吸毒、 不嚼檳榔 7. 不賭博、不投機取巧 8. 遵守交通規則 9. 孝順父母、調合聲色 10. 不參與政治活動、示威遊行........... Tzu Chi's Ten Precepts
1. No killing
2. No stealing
3. No Sexual Misconduct
4. No lying
5. No drinking
6. No smoking or use of narcotics or betel nuts
7. No gambling or speculating
8. Practice filial piety and develop pleasant manners and speech
9. Abide by traffic rules
10. No participation in political activities or protests 
100 慈濟地球村 the global village of Tzu Chi
101 慈濟大學 Tzu Chi University
102 慈濟大專青年聯誼會; 慈青 Tzu Chi Collegiate Youth Association
103 慈濟大藏經 Tzu Chi Archives
104 慈濟委員 Tzu Chi Commissioners
105 慈濟志工四寶; 健康四寶: 安心睡, 快樂吃, 歡喜笑, 健康做 The Four Keys to Good Health: sleep peacefully, eat happily, laugh joyfully, work healthily
106 慈濟教師聯誼會 Tzu Chi Teachers Association
107 慈濟會員 Tzu Chi member (regular members who donate money)
108 慈濟會歌 Tzu Chi Foundation Anthem
109 慈濟月刊 Tzu Chi Monthly Magazine
110 慈濟榮譽董事 Tzu Chi Honorary Board Member
111 慈濟榮譽董事聯誼會 Tzu Chi Honorary Board Members Association
112 慈濟獎學金 Tzu Chi Scholarship
113 慈濟筆耕隊 Tzu Chi Writers Group
114 慈濟英文季刊 Tzu Chi English Quarterly
115 慈濟警察暨眷屬聯誼會(慈警會) Tzu Chi Policemen's Welfare Association
116 慈濟護專; 慈濟技術學院 Tzu Chi Junior College of Nursing, now known as Tzu Chi College of Technology (慈濟技術學院)
117 慈濟道侶 Tzu Chi Companion (Magazine)
118 慈濟醫學院; 慈濟大學醫學院; 慈大醫學院 Tzu Chi College of Medicine (prior to Year 2000), now known as Tzu Chi University College of Medicine
119 慈濟醫療網 Tzu Chi Medical Network
120 慈濟醫院; 慈院 Tzu Chi Hospital(s)
121 慈濟醫院志工服務隊 Tzu Chi Hospital Volunteer Service Team
122 慈濟靜思堂 Tzu Chi Jing Si Hall
123 慈濟面霜 Tzu Chi face cream (smiling)
124 慈濟頭 Tzu Chi hairstyle
125 慈誠懿德; 慈誠懿德會 Tzu Cheng/Yi De (Tzu Chi Moms and Dads); Tzu Cheng/Yi De Association
126 慈誠隊 Tzu Chi Faith Corps; Tzu Cheng Team
127 慈青學長會 Tzu Chi Collegiate Volunteers Alumni Association
128 慈青志工營 Tzu Chi collegiate volunteer camp
129 慈青組 Tzu Chi Collegiate Volunteers Team
130 懿德母姊會 Yi De Mother/Sister Association
131 手語隊 sign language team
132 救人一命, 無損己身; 救人一命,不損己身 save a life with no harm to oneself
133 文化志業發展處; 人文志業發展組; 文發組 Department of Humanistic Culture Development; Department of Culture Mission Development
134 文史部 (Tzu Chi) Archives Department
135 新春三願; 上人三願; 三不求: 不求身體健康,但求精神敏睿。 不求減輕負擔,但求增加力量。 不求事事如意,但求毅力勇氣。 Master Cheng Yen's Three Wishes: asking not for good health, but for wisdom and acuity; asking not for a lighter burden, but for greater strength; asking not for everything to go as one wishes, but for perseverance and courage.
136 新春祈福 Lunar New Year Blessing Ceremony
137 映象志工 multimedia volunteers
138 未成佛前, 先結好人緣 before attaining Buddhahood, first create good karmic connections/affinities with others
139 柔和忍辱衣 the dress of gentle forbearance
140 歲末祝福 Year-End Blessing Ceremony
141 法譬如水
Dharma as Water (Master Cheng Yen's discourses on the Water Repentance);
Dharma is like water (when used as a description)
142 活動組 activity team
143 淨化人心,祥和社會,天下無災難; 人心淨化, 社會祥和, 天下無災難 may all hearts be purified; may all societies be in harmony; may the world be free of all disasters
144 淨灘 beach cleanup
145 清修士 lay monastic practitioners
146 為佛教, 為眾生 for Buddha's teachings, for sentient beings
147 無量義經 Sutra of Infinite Meanings
148 環保志工 recycling volunteers
149 環保組 green team
150 社區志工 community volunteers
151 社區茶會, 愛灑茶會, 茶會 tea party
152 福慧紅包 red envelope of blessings and wisdom
153 福慧袋 bag of blessings and wisdom
154 福慧雙修 to cultivate both blessings and wisdom
155 經典雜誌 Rhythms Magazine
156 總幹事 chief coordinator
157 美國總會; 加州總會 Western Region; Tzu Chi USA Headquarters (in San Dimas, CA)
158 義診; 醫療義診 free clinic
159 義賣 charity sale
160 臨床模擬手術教學; 模擬手術教學 clinical surgical simulation training program
161 自力更生、就地取材 to be self-reliant and use local resources/materials
162 與大地共生息; 與大地萬物共生息; 與天地萬物共生息; 與天地共生息; 與大地眾生共存; 與天地共一體, 與眾生共生息 to live in harmony with nature
163 舊法新用 new application of old ideas; put old ideas to new use
164 花蓮慈濟醫學中心 Hualien Tzu Chi Medical Center
165 花蓮慈濟醫院 Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital
166 花蓮玉里慈濟醫院 Yuli Tzu Chi General Hospital
167 草根菩提 Guardians of the Land (referring to the show); recycling volunteers (referring to the individuals)
168 菩薩所緣, 緣苦眾生 Bodhisattvas arise because of suffering beings
169 行政月會 monthly administrative meetings
170 見習
見習:Introductory certification training (or just Introductory training)
見習學員:Introductory trainee
171 見苦知福 see suffering and recognize blessings
172 親子營 the Parent-Child camp
173 賑災原則 disaster relief principles
174 賑災團 disaster relief team
175 輕安居 tranquility wards (day care for seniors)
176 長期濟助; 長期幫助  long-term aid
177 靜思書軒 Jing Si Books & Café
178 靜思竹軒 Jing Si Bamboo Bungalow
179 靜思精舍 Jing Si Abode
180 靜思語一條街 Jing Si Aphorisms on the Street
181 靜思語教學 teaching Jing Si Aphorisms
182 香積飯 Tzu Chi instant rice

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