2009 Trio-Celebration 三節合一 浴佛慶典

Please give us feedback on 2009 Trio Celebration so we can improve or focus ourselves for the next year.

Our 3-in-1 team also can write up reports from your observations.

2009 年三節合一慶典已結束 請分享您的感想 觀察 與建議 以便我們能改進並提供人文真善美報導內容



Leon Liu 5/11/09: I asked a white gentleman what suggestion he could give for our further improvement. He said: "Such a good message, good event! It ought to be broadcast on all local TV channels. Channel 5 office is right here, but they are not present. Sigh!"

Leon Liu 5/11/09: Brother Almon was so serious sun-burned from San Francisco ceremonies. However, we are still short of Faithcorps members in our last ceremony, he managed to participate the offering ceremony. This reminds me of our venerable Master. She was so weak when she was cultivating in the little cottage. But, everyone month she would burn the insense on her skin to make offer to the Buddha. "The sincerity is the force that create the Tzu Chi world," as Master put it.

Thanks, brother Almon. Thanks every one. It's our sincerity that make the events so touching.

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