Dharma As Water (DAW) Translation Team Glossary


Welcome to the DAW translation team glossary.  The DAW team has been working on the translation of the Master’s Dharma talks since year 2000.  Over the years, the DAW team has collected a number of terms to facilitate the translation for the DAW team members. 

* Internal Glossary Database:  
This database is a working draft intended to be used for DAW team’s internal use.  The terms in the glossary were collected from various sources and are to be used as reference only.  The terms in the database have not been reviewed and there are bound to be typos and errors in the glossary.  Since the glossary runs on an experimental server, the speed is slow and may slow down even more during major Tzu Chi events (due to voluminous uploads and downloads of information).  If you still wish to obtain access to the DAW team’s internal glossary database, please carefully read THESE INSTRUCTIONS  on how to sign up and use the glossary, and then CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

* Public Glossary:
Please click Here for the list of public terms already reviewed by the DAW Team.  This page does not require any passwords and is available to the public.

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